A. Jate Steel, founded in 1995, have been servicing customers worldwide for decades with the motto rooted of “To absolutely satisfy customers’ demand - quality first and service paramountcy with the most cost-saving.”

We execute ISO 9001 certified quality system throughout operation for years in-plant laboratory is approved by TAF against ISO 17025 in Jul of 2014.

We’d like to advise that we are specialized in non-standard parts made by steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass material; wire and sheet, cooperating only with experienced and qualified manufacturers to meet all you need from standard parts (IFI, DIN, ISO, JIS...) to custom-made parts.

A Jate ISO9001 2018 validity

A Jate ISO9001

2021 validity



Vickers Hardness
Testing Machine
Metallographic Precise
Cutting Machine
Metallographic Mounting
Press Machine
Self Drilling Screw Tester
Micro Vickers Hardness
Testing Machine
2.5D Optical Projector
Metallographic Grinding and
Polishing Machine
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ADDRESS : 5F-2, No.395, Sec.1 Lin Sen Rd., Tainan 70151, Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL : +886-6-238-2568

FAX : +886-6-238-2586

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Metallographic Grinding and

Polishing Machine